How To Donate


Donate your money to the (South Dakota State) FarmHouse Association

This donation can NOT be deducted from your taxable income.  The SDSU Association has the ability to use this money on whatever they wish, with no restrictions from the IRS – in this case, the “Building Upon the Brick” capital campaign.

For non-Tax Deductible Donations please send to:


Craig Weber

45202 205th St.

Arlington, SD 57212-6117


Donate your money to the SDSU Building fund via the International FarmHouse Foundation.  All gifts made through the FarmHouse Foundation for the South Dakota State University FarmHouse Building Campaign are tax deductible.  This money is earmarked for the SDSU Chapter. The SDSU Association has access to this money, as long as any funds withdrawn from the Foundation are used for educational purposes. The South Dakota State University FarmHouse Chapter’s educational portion of the Building Fund Campaign –following IRS regulations – has been determined to be 39%.

For Tax Deductible Donations please send to:

The FarmHouse Foundation

7306 NW Tiffany Springs Pkwy, Suite 210

Kansas City, MO 64153

Note: Be sure to specify “SDSU Building Fund” on the memo line


You can choose to have your gift automatically appropriated from your bank account by contacting The FarmHouse Foundation which will have an EFT form.


Donate Grain or Livestock

Donations of commodities have tax benefits to both the donor and the association.  The grain or livestock will be delivered to the point of sale in the name of the SDSU FarmHouse Association.  The association will then sell the commodity and use the proceedes for any portion of the house construction.  The donor will not realize the income for the grain or livestock on his tax statement, therefore it is a tax-free gift.

Prior to delivery discuss the transaction with the elevator or livestock market.  Some require the FarmHouse Association to setup an account with them prior to delivery.  Please contact the Associaiton treasurer to coordinate the details of a grain or livestock donation.


Unless you have a large amount of itemized deductions, the IRS uses a standard deduction, and claiming your donation as a tax deduction may not change your tax status at all. If this is the case, remember that it is much more advantageous to the campaign to have the donations made directly to the SDSU FarmHouse Association.

NOTE: If you work for a company who matches donations, donations must go to the FarmHouse Foundation, a 501(C)(3) organization, in order to be eligible.

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